ICE is at it AGAIN! 2.5M Awarded for Immigration Violations

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Hello All!

The following article is a prime example of why I am an insomniac…!

I wake up at night and worry about every person who states, “we are good on our I-9s..” or, “…we conducted an internal audit and made our corrections so we are good…”  This is more than a sales pitch designed to frighten people into spending useless dollars on the thing that may or may not lurk under our proverbial beds.  This is real – and it is terrifying the level of reach that ICE has when it comes to businesses.

Know that AskLinda HR Consulting Services has a way to help mitigate the risk your company faces.  The solution is much less expensive than any fine potential you may be facing from ICE.

So, my loyal blog readers, if this article causes you to wake up in the middle of the night, make sure you drop me a line or two and see how I can help.  Chances are good I will be up, hoping the seriousness of the situation has created an urgency to get third-party help.  At least knowing that we are here might let you get back to sleep.

By the way – note that the company below used E-verify and they were NOT a construction company…

Immigration Violations Cost Resort Chain $2.5M – What Is Your Compliance Exposure? by Dawn M. Lurie